Warren E. Saul: 1986, 1990 
Art Supplies, and How to Use Light in a Painting  
(Pen and Ink, and Watercolors; Two 8x10s) 

Art Supplies and a Lesson in Light  

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Artist's Tools and A Lesson in Lighting
Ink and Watercolors by Warren E. Saul (1986, 1990)

My dad's unofficial motto was "Have brush, will paint." (Small card below the art supplies box.) If you recall the 1957-1963 television western, "Have Gun, Will Travel" you get the joke. Scroll down for an illustrated lesson in subject lighting.

Below is a lesson in lighting. Pa taught through drawing. I used to have him come into my classes when I taught science. He enjoyed it, and the students really loved seeing their teacher's father, who also was a character. "I once made a mistake," admitted my father. "I thought I was wrong, and I wasn't."

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Andrew W. Saul

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