Warren E. Saul: 1977 
"Sunset on the Grand Canal" 
(after Turner, 1825)
Watercolor, 8x10

Sunset on the Grand Canal 

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Sunset on the Grand Canal of Venice, after J. M. W. Turner, 17751851
Watercolor by Warren E. Saul (1977)

This very fast, very minimalistic watercolor is literally an impression of the Turner original. In 1974, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, I was walking through the museum's many, many halls at a good clip, as I only had an afternoon to spend there. I came to a full stop at the Turner exhibit as if pulled to a halt by a powerful magnet. No wonder my father admired Turner so much. My father certainly could not duplicate Turner's masterworks, and he would be the first to say so. However, it is my contention that they had a strikingly similar "fast" style. In support of this statement, I suggest a look at Turner's "Study of Sea: Stormy Sky," a quick watercolor sketch. (Victoria and Albert Museum No. P.21-1938. The image is also online.)

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Andrew W. Saul

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