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WELCOME to an on-line library of the works of CARL C. PFEIFFER, M.D, Ph.D., researcher, author, and the late founding director of the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey. This archive was created with the editorial assistance of Michael Jolliffe.

(As this webpage is in progress, your suggestions for additional papers are welcome.)

Complete List of Dr. Pfeiffer's books, Journal Publications and Media Articles:


The use of cesium chloride in radioactive cesium exposure

Hypertension etiology, melanin and heavy metals

Elements and evolution

Zinc and its relationship to behaviour

Zinc, fingernails and spectroscopy

Drugs and heart electrical activity

The relationship between serum urate levels and stress

Lithium and its effects on the cerebral cortex and heart

Haloperidol, schizophrenics and EEG findings

Haloperidol, chlorpromazine: EEG and subjective response

A critical appraisal of the 1962 Kefauver-Harris amendments

The EEG effects of antihistamines


Andrew Saul, PhD


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