The Vitamin Cure for Children's Health Problems

The Vitamin Cure for Children's Health Problems




I raised my kids all the way into college and they never had any antibiotics. Not once, not ever. My son had two visits to a pediatrician in his life, and both were for checkups. My daughter never even met her pediatrician. Yes, we had pediatricians. The secret is that we never needed them.

Why? Because, properly used, vitamins can prevent and cure illness. Not all illnesses, but a great many. If you should need medication for your child, optimal nutrition can mean requiring drugs less often. And, if a prescription drug is absolutely necessary, a lower dose. You will learn why and how in this book.

In selecting a pediatrician, you'd want one like Ralph Campbell, MD, my coauthor for The Vitamin Cure for Children's Health Problems. Perhaps the next best thing is to read this book before you go to your own pediatrician. Dr. Campbell will tell you what to do and what to look for. Dr. Campell's forty years experience as a compassionate, nutritionally-minded pediatrician makes for truly helpful, interesting reading.    

Here's what's inside:  

PART ONE: Nutrition or Drugs?

CHAPTER 1: Discovering the Power of Vitamins and Other Nutrients

CHAPTER 2: Go to the Doctor or Become the Doctor?

CHAPTER 3: The Truth About Antibiotics and Immunizations

CHAPTER 4: How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System Without Booster Shots

PART TWO: Staying Healthy with Diet and Detoxification

CHAPTER 5: What is the Healthiest Diet for Your Child?

CHAPTER 6: Children and Cholesterol

CHAPTER 7: A Toxic Environment and What To Do About It

PART THREE: Major Children’s Health Problems

CHAPTER 8: Obesity and Diabetes

CHAPTER 9: Allergies and Asthma

CHAPTER 10: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

CHAPTER 11: How to Improve a Child’s Behavior Without Drugs

PART FOUR: Vitamin Therapy

CHAPTER 12: High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy

CHAPTER 13: Vitamin D and Other Supplements

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Andrew W. Saul


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