Cervical (and other) Dysplasias

Dysplasia is a study in scurvy.  In vitamin C deficiency disease, there is insufficient production of collagen, the strong, healthy glue that holds your cells together. Whether dysplasia is triggered by a virus, physical irritation or other cause, the fundamental problem is weak intercellular ground substance due to inadequate ascorbic acid.

For specific vitamin C megadosage instructions written by medical doctors:


Chronic dysplasia is sometimes feared to be precancerous. In addition to vitamin C, a major factor in preventing such an unwanted development is the amino acid L-lysine. I have seen physician reports that women who take several thousand milligrams of L-lysine daily do not get cervical cancer. While we await confirmation, there is no down side to eating foods high in L-lysine. This is because you can get lots of lysine by eating lots of beans. An effective dose is about 3 to 4 grams (3,000 to 4,000 milligrams) of lysine daily. That is about a can and a half of beans a day.  

Wait! Before you go off singing the "Musical Fruit" song, hear me out: Beans, and all the other legumes, are literally loaded with lysine. Peas are very high in lysine. So are lentils, refried beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, three-bean salad, bean soup, bean burritos, veggie bean-burgers, and even chickpeas (garbanzos). Lima beans are relatively low; soybeans (and anything made from soy) are unusually high in lysine. So be a has-bean!  Eat your beans at every meal. 

All right, I know you are going to ask, so  

First, drain em! Do NOT use the liquid that canned beans are packed in, nor the water that you soak or cook beans in.  Such processing liquid is high in raffinose sugars, which are gas-producing par excellence. Why? Because bacteria love them so, thats why.  

Odor also partly results from amines, which are formed by colon bacteria from amino acids (from protein). Eating less protein in general, and less flesh protein in particular has an olfactory benefit. The stool of a cow is a lot less unpleasant than the stool of a dog. This is related to overconsumption of protein in the meateater. Since the average American eats fully TWO TO THREE TIMES more protein a day than s/he needs, you need not worry about wasting away. 

You will doubtless be pleased to know that most intestinal gas is odorless methane, odorless hydrogen, and odorless carbon dioxide.  But then theres hydrogen sulfide (again, from protein) which the human nose can detect this at just ONE PART PER TWO BILLION. 

Odoriffic gas is produced by bowel bacteria, given the chance, as they munch on nondigested, over-consumed, poorly-chewed food. Yes, it can be HOW you eat, not just what. 

DID YOU KNOW that the average person forms 1 to 3 PINTS of bowel gas each day, with about 14 emissions? 
DID YOU KNOW that this was one of the most quoted facts students lifted from my Clinical Nutrition lectures? 

Okay, now for the bottom line: 

GAS Rx: 

ONE: slow down and chew your food very well. Undigested starches are another major culprit.  If you must gobble your dinner, eat lots of rice, which is easy to digest. 

TWO: sprout your beans, and/or cook them thoroughly. Remember: drain off that canning or cooking water!  

THREE: allow time for colon bacteria to adapt to dietary changes.  Most new vegetarians have a not-new body, full of stuff from the old days of revelry. Transition can take a while, but I think you will FEEL better right away. 

FOUR: cut down on sweets excess simple carbohydrates are good culture medium for bacteria, so starve the little beggars. 

(Liebman, B. "Out of Gas?" Center for Science in the Public Interests NUTRITION ACTION HEALTHLETTER, March 1991 is a rather funny and very informative little article on this happy topic, and was used as a reference for this article, as was the standard dietetics textbook Nutrition and Diet Therapy, by S. R. Williams, St. Louis: Mosby, 1993.) 
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