How to Make Your Own Natural First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit


What might go into your own "health homesteader" kit?
(Brand names are included for recognition purposes only; substitute generic products wherever possible. It is assumed that you will also intelligently stock the usual, conventional first-aid items, and they therefore are not listed here. For information on why and how to use each of the items below, please do a search from this website's home page.)

Butterfly bandages, package of 10 (“Band-Aid”/Johnson and Johnson) . For deeper cuts and lacerations.

Black drawing salve (“Ichthammol”) For slivers and simple pus-forming lesions.

Tincture of iodine (Caution: this is rarely sold with child-proof caps, so keep it up high and out of sight of children.)  Antiseptic for deeper cuts, and as a topical skin fungicide.

Topical lidocaine 4% or stronger (“Skeeter Stik”) Anesthetic and insect bite treatment.

Calcium ascorbate powder, one pound. For topical use on skin and gums.

16% salicylic acid/lactic acid topical wart treatment (“DuoFilm”) Use with caution and keep out of the reach of children.

Hydrogen peroxide. For topical use as an antiseptic, and for gums.

Vitamin E capsules (and a safety pin or brightly-colored bulletin-board push-pin as an opener) For topical use on scrapes, burns and cuts.

Niacin, 100 mg scored tablets.  Sleep aid.

Camphor-menthol-eucalyptus rub (“Vicks Vapo-Rub” or its generic equivalent)  For congestion.

allantoin skin cream (“Udder Cream”) For contact dermatitis and simple skin itching, dryness, and rashes.

High-quality eyebrow tweezers

Three-inch hard rubber ball

Wooden self-massage tool, called a "MA roller" (I prefer the original brand, which, at $40, is about the cost of just one chiropractic visit. It can be searched for and purchased on the internet.)

Ayurvedic solid copper cup. Fill with water each night, cover, and drink the contents first thing in the morning.

Dental mirror (cheap plastic is OK)

Whole loofa sponge, cut lengthwise to yield two half sponges each with a pleasantly rough dead-skin-removing surface.

One good quality vegetable juicer.  

Standard homeopathic first aid kit, containing about 20 of the most common remedies. Such a set is available without prescription from any homeopathic pharmacist or internet source.  In my opinion, you should be sure it includes aconite, apis mel, arnica, belladonna, chammomilla, nux vom, and sepia.

One bottle each of the twelve individual "Dr. Schuessler Cell Salts" in 6X potency (available as above, and at most health food stores)  You will probably use Kali Phos, Calc Phos, Mag Phos, Kali Mur, Ferrum Phos and Silicea the most.

dried coltsfoot herb, quarter pound. For coughs.

Grow these in your garden:
Echinacea (purple cone flower) roots.  For colds, flu, infection and inflammation.
Comfrey root. For decoction and use on gums.
Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) flowers, stems.  For liniment. 
Calendula flowers. For liniment.

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