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WELCOME to an on-line access library for the works of Dr. JAMES W. ANDERSON, fiber researcher, endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine at the University of Kentucky. This archive was created with the editorial assistance of Val Leslie.

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Glycolytic and gluconeogenic enzyme activities in renal cortex of diabetic rats.

Glucose metabolism in jejunal mucosa of fed, fasted, and streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Subcellular distribution of hexokinase activity in rat jejunal mucosa: Response to diabetes and dietary changes

Effects of carbohydrate restriction on glucose tolerance of normal men and reactive hypoglycemic patients

Beneficial effects of a high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet on hyperglycemic diabetic men

Effect of carbohydrate restriction and high-carbohydrate diets on men with chemical diabetes

Effects of high sucrose or starch-bran diets on glucose and lipid metabolism of normal and diabetic rats

Long-term effects of high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets on glucose and lipid metabolism: a preliminary report on patients with diabetes

Composition of foods commonly used in diets for persons with diabetes

Plant fiber: Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

Effects of guar gum and wheat bran on lipid metabolism of rats

Fiber and diabetes

High-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets for insulin-treated men with diabetes mellitus

Mineral and vitamin status on high-fiber diets: Long-term studies of diabetic patients

Pharmacology of verapamil II. Impairment of glucose tolerance by verapamil in the conscious dog

High-fiber diets for diabetic and hypertriglyceridemic patients

Oat-bran intake selectively lowers serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations of hypercholesterolemic men

Soluble and insoluble plant fiber in selected cereals and vegetables

Plant fiber and blood pressure

Propionate may mediate the hypocholesterolemic effects of certain soluble plant fiber in cholesterol-fed rats

Short-chain fatty acid fermentation products of plant fiber affect glucose metabolism of isolated rat hepatocytes

Hypocholesterolemic effects of oat-bran or bean intake for hypercholesterolemic men

VA Cooperative study on antiplatelet agents in diabetic patients after amputation for gangrene: I. Design, methods and baseline characteristics

Adherence to high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets: Long-term studies of non-obese diabetic men

VA Cooperative study on antiplatelet agents in diabetic patients after amputation for gangrene: II. Effects of aspirin and dipyridamole on atherosclerotic vascular disease rates

Dietary fiber and diabetes: A comprehensive review and practical application

Dietary fiber, lipids, and atherosclerosis

High-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet. Is it practical and effective in treating hyperlipidemia?

Hypocholesterolemic effects of oat and bean products

Dietary fiber content of selected foods

Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid for hypercholesterolemic men

A comparison of the lipid-lowering and the intestinal morphologic effects of cholestyramine, chitosan and oat gum in rats

New perspectives in nutrition management of diabetes mellitus

Dietary fiber content of a simulated American diet and selected research diets

Metabolic effects of fructose supplementation in diabetic individuals

Recent advances in carbohydrate nutrition and metabolism in diabetes mellitus

Adherence to high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets

VA Cooperative study on antiplatelet agents in diabetic patients after amputation for gangrene: V. unobserved, sudden, and unexpected deaths

Serum lipid response of hypercholesterolemic men to single and divided doses of canned beans

High-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets increase peripheral insulin sensitivity in healthy young and old adults

Oat-bran cereal lowers serum total and LDL cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic men

Propionate inhibits hepatic lipid synthesis

Metabolic effects of insoluble oat fiber on lean men with Type II diabetes

Hypercholesterolemic effects of different bulk-forming hydrophilic fibers as adjuncts to dietary therapy in mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia

Lipid responses of hypercholesterolemic men to oat-bran and wheat-bran intake

Metabolic effects of high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets for insulin-dependent diabetic individuals

Bakery products lower serum cholesterol concentration in hypercholesterolemic men

Benefits and risks of an intensive very-low-calorie diet program for severe obesity

Weight loss and 2-y follow-up for 80 morbidly obese patients treated with intensive very-low-calorie diet and an education program

Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium-enriched cereal as an adjunct to a prudent diet in the treatment of mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia

Oat bran increases serum acetate of hypercholesterolemic men

Management of obesity in diabetes mellitus

Health benefits of dietary fiber

Prospective, randomized, controlled comparison of the effects of low-fat and low-fat plus high-fiber diets on serum lipid levels

Diet, lipids and cardiovascular disease in women

Food-containing hypocaloric diets are as effective as liquid-supplement diets for obese individuals with NIDDM

Relationship of weight loss to cardiovascular risk factors in morbidly obese individuals

Nutrition and health implications of dry beans: A review

Health benefits and practical aspects of high-fiber diets

Women and men with hypercholesterolemia respond similarly to an AHA step I diet

Postprandial serum glucose, insulin and lipoprotein responses to high- and low-fiber diets

Meta-analysis of the effects of soy protein intake on serum lipids

Medication cost savings associated with weight loss for obese non-insulin-dependent diabetic men and women

Periodontal status of diabetic and non-diabetic men: Effects of smoking, glycemic control and socioeconomic factors

Implantable insulin pump vs multiple-dose insulin for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a randomized clinical trial

Carotid atherosclerosis in men with low levels of HDL cholesterol

Psyllium-enriched cereals lower total blood cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol, but not HDL-cholesterol, in hypercholesterolemic adults: Result of a meta-analysis

Effects of multiple daily insulin injections and intraperitoneal insulin therapy on cholesteryl ester transfer and lipoprotein lipase activities in NIDDM

Soy protein effects on renal function and proteinuria for individuals with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Guidelines for approval of anti-obesity drugs affecting atherosclerosis and/or lipids

Selective effects of different antioxidants on oxidation of lipoproteins from rats

Effect of fermented milk (yogurt) containing lactobacillus acidophilus L1 on serum cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic humans: Report on a placebo-controlled study

Blood antioxidant defense system and dietary survey of elderly diabetic men

Orlistat, a lipase inhibitor, for weight maintenance after conventional dieting: a 1-year study

Impact of nondigestible carbohydrates on serum lipoproteins and risk for cardiovascular disease

The VA HDL intervention trial: Gemfibrozil for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in men with low HDL-cholesterol

Cardiovascular and renal benefits of dry bean and soy bean intake

Breast feeding and cognitive development: A meta-analysis

Effects of psyllium on glucose and serum lipid responses in men with type II diabetes and hypercholesterolemia

Whole grains and protection against coronary heart disease: what are the active components and mechanisms?

Decreased protection by HDL from poorly controlled Type 2 diabetic subjects against LDL oxidation may be due to its abnormal composition

Postprandial low-density lipoproteins in type 2 diabetes are oxidized more extensively than fasting diabetes and control samples

Antioxidant supplementation effects on low-density lipoprotein oxidation for individuals with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Long-term weight maintenance after an intensive weight-loss program

Cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium intake adjunctive to diet therapy in men and women with hypercholesterolemia: meta-analysis of 8 controlled trials

Whole grain foods and heart disease risk

Benefits and risks of anti-obesity agents

Long-term cholesterol-lowering effects of psyllium as an adjunct to diet therapy in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Health advantages and disadvantages of weight-reducing diets: A computer analysis and critical review

Self-help weight loss versus a structured commercial program after 26 weeks: a randomized controlled study

Dietary fiber prevents carbohydrate-induced hypertriglyceridemia

Long-term weight maintenance: a meta-analysis of US studies

Obesity and disease management: Effects of weight loss on comorbid conditions

Bupropion SR enhances weight loss: a 48-week double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Type 2 diabetes and the vegetarian diet

Importance of weight management in Type 2 Diabetes; review with meta-analysis of clinical studies

Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Event with Low HDL Cholesterol: The Veterans Affairs HDL Intervention Trial (VA_HIT)

Carbohydrate and Fiber recommendations for individuals with diabetes: A quantitative assessment and meta-analysis of the evidence


Sorting out fiber

Refined bakery products lower blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic men

Dietary fiber - an overview

Benefits of soy protein in diabetes: Role in preventing and treating kidney disease

Soy protein and risk for coronary heart disease

The effects of soy protein on renal health


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