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by William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D. (1949)
Copyright C 2001 Charlotte Kaufman. Reprinted with permission.
Edited by Andrew W. Saul



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Author's Preface

This monograph records certain clinical observations which I have made over a period of years in the course of the private practice of internal medicine. As will be demonstrated by objective measurement, joint dysfunction (impaired joint mobility) was exceedingly prevalent among the patients studied. It will be seen that the common form of joint dysfunction was corrected or ameliorated in time by adequate niacinamide therapy, and recurred in time when adequate niacinamide therapy was discontinued.

While the diagnosis and treatment of uncomplicated joint dysfunction presented few difficulties, the patient with joint dysfunction often was troubled by the articular and non-articular symptoms of four commonly occurring complicating syndromes which required successful therapy concurrently with the niacinamide treatment of joint dysfunction if the patient was to feel well. For this reason, these complicating syndromes and their treatment are described in some detail.

It is hoped that the methods of study and treatment presented in this volume will be of use to other physicians in the medical management of patients who have joint dysfunction alone, or joint dysfunction and one or more of the four complicating syndromes.

I am greatly indebted to Dr. Robert Sterling Palmer in many ways, especially for his critical reading of the manuscript, for his constructive suggestions and for his wise counsel. Thanks are due to Dr. Louis H. Cohen, who read the manuscript critically and gave helpful suggestions. I am grateful to my wife, Charlotte S. Kaufman, for her encouragement and valuable assistance in all phases of this work.

640 Brooklawn Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut
March 1,1949


Andrew W. Saul


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