My Dad used to say that I learned to talk early and haven't shut up since.  Not exactly: I've had laryngitis enough times to look into and find some simple and reliable cures. Here they are:

    1.  Saturation, or bowel tolerance, of vitamin C will stop laryngitis in a matter of hours. If you take as much "C" as you can hold, as often as humanly possible, your voice will be back promptly. People who take multi-gram doses of vitamin C every day preventively are unlikely to ever lose their voice in the first place. When I do weekend seminars, I am speaking for six consecutive hours on two consecutive days. I take about three grams (3,000 milligrams) every hour, and don't lose my voice anymore.

    2.  The homeopathic remedy Ferrum Phos 6X works for loss of voice due either to overstraining or simple inflammation. This remedy works best taken promptly, preferably as soon as you notice the slightest huskiness or hoarseness. A homeopathic remedy is taken until the symptoms begin to improve. Then Mother Nature takes over and you body heals itself.

    3.  An ounce or two of cider vinegar, straight, will do wonders for a simple sore throat and laryngitis. When I do this, I get the impression that the vinegar is absorbed into the throat on the way down and never even reaches the stomach. If you immediately, and I mean immediately follow the vinegar with a chaser of a cola soft drink, you will barely taste the vinegar at all. Be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterwards, to remove any lingering acidity from either the vinegar or the cola. If your stomach is delicate, taking a calcium supplement along with the vinegar will buffer it in the tummy.

    4.  Avoid dairy products. Dad liked to sing Barbershop harmony. Years ago, the men's chorus director (who was also one of my favorite music teachers in elementary school, by the way) told him not to drink milk or eat ice cream before a choral concert. This cannot be just an old wives' tale, because men know of it! Try and see: leave out the dairy if you are going to give us a speech or break into song.

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