Neuropathy; Peripheral Neuropathy

by Andrew W. Saul

Neuropathy means “sick nerves.” Nerve repair and regeneration is widely believed to be difficult or impossible. I think this is a limited view based on a standard of drug- based treatment plans that categorically exclude megavitamin therapy. Since neuropathy may be produced experimentally by making animals B-vitamin deficient, reverse engineering with appropriately high doses of these nutrients is entirely plausible. And it has been done. Few neurologists have ever heard of the work of Frederick Robert Klenner, MD. Back in the 1970s, Dr. Klenner published his results with multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis using extremely high doses of vitamins. (Response of peripheral and central nerve pathology to mega-doses of the vitamin B-complex and other metabolites. J Appl Nutr, 1973.

Nutritional deficiency or dependency

A deficiency in vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) is a recognized cause of peripheral neuropathy. A deficiency of B-6 (pyridoxine) is another cause. “Left untreated, it can cause permanent nerve damage. Vitamin B-6 may help to maintain the covering on nerve endings,” says › health › neuropathy-supplements

If you scroll way down at you will see, under “Causes” and “Vitamin deficiencies”thismention: “B vitamins - including B-1, B-6 and B-12 - vitamin E and niacin are crucial to nerve health. . . Protect against vitamin B-12 deficiency.”

And eMedicineHealth states: “Nerve damage may be caused by a number of different diseases, injuries, infections, and even vitamin deficiency states. . . Deficiencies of the vitamins B12 and folate, as well as other B vitamins, can cause damage to the nerves.”

Some people need an extraordinarily large amount of vitamins every day. In his “Overview of Vitamins,” Larry E. Johnson, MD, PhD, of the University of Arkansas writes that with a genetic vitamin dependency, “In some cases, vitamin doses as high as 1000 times the DRI improve function of the altered metabolic pathway.”,-dependency,-and-toxicity/overview-of-vitamins

Each of the sources mentioned above is very conventional. All allude to nutritional deficiencies, but all stop far short of actually recommending a therapeutic trial of high doses of the B-complex vitamins for any person with neuropathy.

So that’s precisely what I would like to urge here and now: a six weeks trial of a high-potency B-complex supplement 5 times daily. That means with each meal and between each meal. The safety record of the B-complex is exceptionally good.

Biomechanical considerations

I was on the faculty of a chiropractic college for three years, and although I am not a chiropractor, I know a lot of them. Once a woman, who was an aide at a nursing home, came in with some numbness down her arm and no grip strength. Her job consisted largely of lifting patients, and at 52, she'd been daily straining her back for a long time. She had been to the usual flock of doctors and received the usual gaggle of prescriptions. None really helped; how can a pill correct the position of a bone? With careful, gentle manipulation on her lower neck, in a matter of a few painless minutes she was better. She said she could feel, right away, the change in her arm. Her grasping ability came back while I watched. Another woman, who had seen so many physicians that she'd lost count, had numbness and tingling all down her lower legs, and swollen fingers and toes. Doctors had ruled out any malady they knew of, and told her to learn to live with it, as she was getting old. The lady was 60. Half an hour of gentle spinal manipulation later, she had normal feeling in her limbs and, most incredibly to me, in less than two hours, the swelling was gone from her fingers.

Nerve tingling, pain, numbness and dysfunction may sometimes indeed be caused by a physical impingement on nerves and nerve flow. I therefore think a chiropractic evaluation and three-visit trial treatment plan is warranted.

Additional information on back problems and techniques to correct them is at


One reader writes:

"I started using transdermal magnesium chloride every day on my feet in whole-tub baths, plus occasionally in footbaths also. I had something called peripheral neuropathy in my feet. At that stage I had lost most of the feeling in my feet, plus was also getting very sharp pains in my feet at night. I was very concerned that I would end up in a wheelchair. I no longer have peripheral neuropathy - it took almost 2 years to get all the feeling back in my feet. . . I started taking oral magnesium everyday with B6. At the same time, I was decreasing the drugs I was on. It worked. I have not taken any drugs at all since October 3, 2007."

Transdermal (skin-absorbed) magnesium is cheaply obtained from an Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) bath. For oral supplemental intake, magnesium oxide is commonly available as a supplement but is poorly absorbed. Magnesium gluconate or magnesium citrate are better. For most magnesium-deficient Americans, any magnesium supplement will help. Magnesium is also found in whole, natural foods such as wheat germ, whole grains, nuts, and veggies.

The US RDA for magnesium is about 350 to 400 mg/day. Doubling that amount for a therapeutic trial is both reasonable and safe. As with the B vitamins, dividing the dose throughout the day generally improves effectiveness.

Additional information on nerve nutrition and vitamin therapy:

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