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Newsletter v2n4
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"No, that's too expensive. Just don't do it anymore." (Homer Simpson's response when Marge asked if she needed professional help for a problem.)

The DOCTOR YOURSELF (SM) NEWSLETTER Vol 2, No 4 December 20, 2001 "Free of charge, free of advertising, and free of the A.M.A." Written by Andrew Saul, PhD of , a free online library of 300 natural healing articles with nearly 4,000 scientific references.

60,000 mg of VITAMIN C AS CHEMOTHERAPY AGAINST CANCER There are many good reasons to give large quantities of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to a cancer patient. Ascorbic acid strengthens the collagen "glue" that holds healthy cells together and retards the spread of an existing tumor. The vitamin also greatly strengthens the immune system, and provides a surprising level of pain relief.

But there is more. Vitamin C has been shown to be preferentially toxic to tumor cells, similar to cytotoxic drug cancer chemotherapy. Laboratory and clinical studies indicate that, in high enough doses, one can maintain blood plasma concentrations of ascorbic acid high enough to selectively kill tumor cells. If you have not heard about this, it is probably because most of the best-publicized vitamin C and cancer studies simply have not utilized high enough doses. Hugh D. Riordan, M.D., and colleagues have treatment data which "demonstrate the ability to sustain plasma levels of ascorbic acid (AA) in humans above levels which are toxic to tumor cells in vitro and suggests the feasibility of using AA as a cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent."

Riordan, N. H., et al. (1995) Intravenous ascorbate as a tumor cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent. Medical Hypotheses, 44(3). p 207-213, March.

You can read the full text of Dr. Riordan's paper at A listing of scientific papers on this subject by Dr. Riordan's team will be found at


Yes, I read your emails. Each one of these is by readers' popular request:

Acid Reflux Asthma Backache Congestive Heart Failure Cervical Dysplasia Endometriosis High Blood Pressure Parkinson's Disease Whooping Cough

All are freely accessible 24 hours a day. Happy holidays!

DOCTOR YOURSELF WEBSITE OF THE MONTH: Joey Green's "WACKY USES" website, which tells us more than we want to know about "Coca-Cola," America's bottled love affair with phosphoric acid chemistry, at

For it is good ol' phosphoric acid, along with a nice slug of carbonic acid, that makes Coca Cola so useful around the house and factory. Mr. Green offers the following light industrial uses for Coke:

Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers. "Rubbing the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola will help remove rust spots, according to household-hints columnist Mary Ellen" who also tells us how to:

Loosen a rusted bolt. "Mary Ellen suggests applying a cloth soaked in a carbonated soda to the rusted bolt for several minutes."

Clean corrosion from car battery terminals. "Pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion, according to (household-hints columnist) Heloise." Her next hint is my personal fave:

Clean a toilet bowl. "Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then brush and flush clean. The acid in Coke removes stains."

Coca Cola in a toilet bowl? Good place for it. Just try not to get it there by way of your teeth and alimentary tract.

And Runner-Up Honors go to J. Lileks' "GALLERY OF REGRETTABLE FOOD" containing such Madison Avenue gems as

LEARN THE GERSON CANCER THERAPY FOR $17 It has been said that more people live off cancer than die from it. The Gerson Therapy is a book that can put a stop to this travesty. Here is a very practical, highly detailed guide to the intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases that many would consider to have been impossible to obtain. But thanks to the work of Max Gerson, M.D., and his daughter, author Charlotte Gerson, this knowledge is readily available for all who need it.

Max Gerson cured cancer. He did so with a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein, essentially vegetarian dietary regimen, based on great quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements, and systemic detoxification. Ms. Gerson explains:

"Dr. Gerson found that the underlying problems of all cancer patients are toxicity and deficiency. He had to overcome both these difficulties. He found that one of the important features of his therapy had to be the hourly administration of fresh vegetable juices. These supply ample nutrients, as well as fluids to help flush out the kidneys. When the high levels of nutrients re-enter tissues, toxins accumulated over many years are forced into the blood stream. The toxins are then filtered out by the liver. The liver is easily overburdened by the continuous release of toxins and is unable to release the load... Dr. Gerson found that he could provide help to the liver by the caffeine in coffee, absorbed from the colon via the hemorrhoidal vein, which carries the caffeine to the portal system and then to the liver. The caffeine stimulates the liver/bile ducts to open, releasing the poisons into the intestinal tract for excretion."

The Gerson Therapy book consists of nearly 400 pages of treatment specifics, instruction, hints, cautions, recipes, case histories, and references, all held together with an authority that only experience can bring. Some of the blunt, uncompromising statements Ms. Gerson makes are certain to get up the medical profession's collective nose. Too bad for them. for she is right. Charlotte Gerson's entire life has been immersed in healing people, first learning while assisting her father, and later teaching his method to the world. Co-author Dr. Morton Walker is one of my favorite medical writers, and putting these two talents together in The Gerson Therapy was a master stroke.

I personally have seen what the Gerson program can do for a terminally ill cancer patient. I have been called upon to help in a couple of high-profile but last minute cases. One patient was a well-known sports figure. He was given some months to live and was not happy about it, as he was still in his 50's. He asked what his best shot would be for inoperable, untreatable metastasized cancer. I told him: the Gerson therapy. He did it, not in its entirety, but with enthusiasm. And, he lived considerably longer that he was expected to. But what really impressed me was the dramatic improvement in his energy level. From fatigue and weakness, he went instantly to a vibrant life, commencing from the very week he started the program. He maintained a more-than-full schedule for so long that even people who knew he was sick forgot that he was sick.

Years later, people that never knew of my involvement in the matter would bring up his name, invariably recalling how active he was and how good he looked until, almost as a surprise, he died.

I saw a similar level of success with a prominent New York businessman, the owner of a chain of stores and afflicted with untreatable liver cancer. He began to do much, but by no means all, of the Gerson program, and was subsequently able to extensively travel the world with his family. He lived years longer than expected, with a high quality of life confirmed by all who saw him.

Looking only at these two patients, wanton critics of Gerson's method might think that, without complete and unequivocal cure, there is little to crow about. Such a view is unproductive, for neither of these patients followed the Gerson program completely. It is a tough sell, even to a person with a terminal diagnosis.

Why is this?

Ignorance and arrogance make a bad combination, and "modern" medicine has been guilty of both for decades. Political physicians did not heed Dr. Gerson. In fact, they publicly condemned him. The news media have been their willing accomplices. The misinformation they spew to this day is fraught with fabricated frights of natural therapies, while in the same breath they spew forth the wonders of pharmaceutical drugs. When is the last time you saw a favorable mention of the Gerson program in the newspaper or on TV? Since pharmacological doctors have no sure-fire cure for cancer (an understatement if there ever was one), they might at least back a winning horse. The Gerson approach has been shown, for over six decades, to significantly improve both quality of life and length of life in the sickest, the most hopeless, of cancer patients. Many people have been completely cured on the Gerson therapy.

I am especially pleased with the open-minded spirit of cooperation which I detect in reading The Gerson Therapy. The authors' awareness of the realities of individual patient needs is well demonstrated with the inclusion of chapter sections discussing unavoidable modifications of the program. Instructions for home self-care, for patients undergoing chemotherapy, and for the treatment of very advanced cases, are all provided.

The book also contains explicit instructions for the administration of the Therapy's controversial but nonetheless crucial liver-detoxifying coffee enemas. (Yes, at body temperature.) The use of castor oil, a thorough listing of which foods to eat (and not eat), how to juice, psychological aspects of therapy, and generally favorable mentions of megadose vitamin C supplementation are also presented. The concise chapter (Chapter 6) on melanoma is extraordinary, easily the best I have read anywhere.

Dosage and rationale for the supplements Dr. Gerson prescribed is the focus of Chapter 11. Potassium, iodine, digestive enzymes, niacin and (by prescription) thyroid, liver extract and vitamin B-12 injections are all covered. Both this chapter, and the "Resources" section of the Appendix, are free of any attempt to market such products, a feature I wish to highlight for special praise.

I liked the inclusion of references at the end of each chapter, and the thoroughness of devoting a chapter to appropriate laboratory tests. And everyone will enjoy reading the success stories in Chapter 21.

Some years ago I watched a video tape of a Gerson patients' "reunion." On stage were people from all walks of life, and most were advanced in age. One after the other they spoke of the cancer they were diagnosed with three, ten, or twenty years ago. All were recovered. Dr. Gerson was the reason. You cannot watch such an event and fail to be moved.

A special benefit of The Gerson Therapy is that it is not specifically a cancer treatment. Dr. Gerson saw it as a metabolic treatment, one that cleanses the human organism while strengthening the body's ability to heal itself. Not surprisingly, therefore, the Gerson therapy is effective against all manner of diseases, some 50 of which are listed on page 21.

I am even more interested in the preventive aspects of the Gerson diet. As I write this, I have a cool quart and a half of carrot juice in my tummy. I do not particularly enjoy carrot juice, but I do want to prevent illness. Only time will tell for me personally, but I am going to take a Pascal-like viewpoint: there is no down side to juiced vegetables.

Well, maybe one: some people don't wish to change their diet and lifestyle. Jack Benny, when asked "Your money or your life" made radio comedy history with his answer, "I'm thinking!" To a profoundly sick person, the question might be rephrased, "The Gerson Therapy or your life." Too many persons have died thinking.

Don't be one of them.

"I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history." Dr. Albert Schweitzer

The Gerson Therapy, by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, DPM (2001)NY: Kensington Publishing Corp. ISBN 1-57566-628-6 (Trade paperback, 371 pages, plus appendixes and index.)

I understand that the book is not generally available at bookstores. You can obtain a copy for $17 plus $2.50 postage & handling. Send a check or M.O. (no credit card facilities) to 355 Greenwood Place; Bonita, CA 91902. The checks should be made out to Charlotte Gerson. She will be glad to autograph the book if asked to. I am including this note to reduce the number of emails I have been receiving requesting ordering information. I have no financial connection whatsoever with any author, publisher or distributor of any book I review.

To learn more about how to do the Gerson Therapy: is the transcript of a speech by Dr. Gerson himself. is a bibliography of published clinical studies showing the demonstrated benefits of the Gerson treatment is a bibliography of all of Dr. Gerson's scientific writings.

READERS SAY: "I find the information at to be straight forward, to the point, extremely useful and accurate. The information provided on vitamin C alone is priceless. Following the information about titrating to bowel tolerance at ( ), I have remained free of colds and flu now for over a year. One day last week, I took 42,000 milligrams of C to stave off something viral, perhaps due to excessive physical exertion and not taking more C sooner. (My normal daily dose is 21,000 mg.) Worked like a charm. I am still in the process of working my way through the other articles on your site. With each one, I learn more and more, and am loving every minute of it."


Reviewed by John I. Mosher, Ph.D. , Biology Professor Emeritus, State University of New York.

After years of mental anguish, suffering much as most of us have, Eckhart Tolle has written The Power of Now. His book is a presentation of age-old truths with a transformative insight, delivered in a manner to which those of us from the western industrial, materialistic culture can easily relate. As with a sword, Mr. Tolle cuts through the confusion of our personal, and national, suffering and offers insights into the basis of that suffering.

But wait: things are not hopeless. According to Mr. Tolle, you can create a place in your consciousness for transformation. You can begin to heal yourself from the inside out... As your true essence becomes more dominant and the thinking mind is used only as a tool or servant to you, then peace, unconditional love, happiness, and transformation begin to take place. The secret is to go within. This is what spiritual practice, stress-reducing practices, and practices that calm and stabilize the mind, are ideally intended to do. From my understanding of Mr. Tolle's message, this is a way for practicing The Power of Now.

I highly recommend The Power of Now, and Mr. Tolle's new book, Practicing the Power of Now, as guides for your journey to enjoying good health, long life, and happiness.

You can read the full text of Dr. Mosher's review at

TODAY'S GORILLA BEHAVIOR HINT: When you use weights (bar or dumbbells), tap your chest lightly with them with each repetition. This stimulates your thymus gland, located just above your heart. The thymus is part of your immune system. Is that why gorillas pound their chests? Or maybe all of this is just to impress the "gorilla my dreams." (If you didn't catch that right away, say it slowly, out loud.)


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