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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 11, 2015

You Asked for It: More Nutrition Therapy Protocols,
How-To Videos, Full-Text Papers

Here they are, all free access:


The Riordan IVC Protocol for Adjunctive Cancer Care: Intravenous Ascorbate as a Chemotherapeutic and Biological Response Modifying Agent or

Video by Ron Hunninghake, MD: The Riordan IVC Protocol

Additional Riordan Clinic videos on IV treatment, cancer, nutrition:

IVC & Cancer Symposium 2009:

IVC & Cancer Symposium 2010:

IVC & Cancer Symposium 2012:

IVC & Cancer Symposium 2014:

Complete Video Archive: or

DNA Damage:

Effect of Vitamin C and Anti-oxidative Nutrition on Radiation-induced Gene Expression in Fukushima Nuclear Plant Workers

Video by Dr. Yanagisawa et al: Vitamin C proven to help protect Fukushima victims from radiation:

Multiple Sclerosis:

Response of Peripheral and Central Nerve Pathology to Mega-Doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and Other Metabolites


The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction, by William Kaufman, MD, PhD


Bill W's original writings advocating niacin treatment for alcoholics:

How vitamin C saved the life of this New Zealand farmer:

Intravenous Vitamin C:

Video clip: Is Vitamin C Better than Chemo for Cancer?

YouTube access to Riordan IV-C Symposium Videos.

If your hospital or doctor says that they cannot obtain injectable vitamin C:

If your hospital or doctor says that the hospital will not allow IV vitamin C:

If your hospital or doctor says that IV C is unproven or illegal:

To learn more:

Free access to full-text nutrition therapy papers: and

Peer-reviewed vitamin C research papers from 1935 to 1999:

"Can you personally help me find an orthomolecular nutrition doctor near where I live?"

No, but here is a list of directories to assist you in your search:

Good introduction to orthomolecular medicine:

Thorough discussion of orthomolecular medicine by 65 contributing scientists:

Frederick R. Klenner's Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C:

Irwin Stone's book on vitamin C therapy, The Healing Factor:

Robert F. Cathcart's vitamin C therapy website:

Linus Pauling's complete 1968 paper on vitamin therapy:

A 1974 Pauling paper on the same subject is posted at

Nearly 200 Orthomolecular Medicine News Service releases: (scroll down)


Video de los comentarios del Dr. Victor Marcial:

Presentan primera guía ortomolecular para el manejo del cáncer:

Archiv der deutschsprachigen artikel, auf


This is only a partial listing. More to come in future OMNS releases.

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