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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 6, 2021

Why I am Healthier at 68 than at 12?

by Tom Taylor

(OMNS May 6, 2021) At 12 I had hay fever too bad to work in a hay barn. Around that age I had styes on my eyelids so often that my mother sent me to school with sunglasses on. The medical solution offered for the styes and random skin boils was long term antibiotics. I was too fair skinned they said. Along those years, the kind old dentist stated my molars were too crevasse and he would fill them with the standard amalgam to prevent later cavities. So, every dentist visit one more was filled. The school health nurse gave my teeth a failing grade as my gums had pulled back showing the teeth roots on my bottom incisors. At 17 or so, the blackboards suddenly seemed rather too dusty to read the writing, and glasses were provided with the recommendation to wear them all the time for life.

If my lack of interest in pharma products at age 68 were typical, it would likely be a concern to the pharma industry. For example, without their assistance, my hay fever is gone. Dentists of recent years have replaced the amalgam in my teeth with composite. Curiously, the glasses are gone too -- without them I have vision sufficiently good to pass the driver's license and the private pilot's license eye exam. With about half of my male friends from my first grade no longer walking this earth, I am obviously fortunate, but following the recommendations below were a major help.

My hay fever came and went over roughly the same ~55-year period during which I had the amalgam filled molars. Additionally, my gums no longer expose my teeth roots. I now realize from vitamin C studies that I probably had a mild case of scurvy in those years. As for the glasses, well maybe a little luck, but also reading a decade ago that the eyes need a lot of antioxidants, and vitamin C is inexpensive and an essential antioxidant. And the absence of pharma in my life? Well after I tried to help a pharma-crazed friend with twelve prescriptions, the friend became more distant and I became deeply engrossed in the challenging goal of staying healthy.

Many ancient manuscripts have been found buried in clay jars around Egypt. When I die, I would like to be buried with the following books and timeless images of the lectures on parchment in a clay jar at my feet. I hope that when rediscovered in some future millennium, this information will set off a sensation in the archaeological world. By then media companies will be over their obsession of keeping their drug advertisers happy, and the words may become known to one and all.

Unless otherwise specified, the books below are available through major book sellers such as Barnes & Nobel or Amazon.

  1. Dr. Tom Levy's recent eBook, "Rapid Virus Recovery: No need to live in fear." If you want to see a lot of hospitals in future decades look like an abandoned automobile factory, have the world read and act on the contents of this book. [1] It is truly remarkable for its exceptional content and price -- it is free. It is number one on this list for good reason. For the investment of a few hours of your time, this can save you doctor visits and sick days. An excellent return on investment - infinite, as the mathematician or MBA would say. It explains how to beat a viral infection by nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide -- a treatment hard to beat that is available to all.

    A recent lecture of Dr. Levy's that parallels the book can be found at Silicon Valley Health Institute. YouTube link:
  2. Dr. Sarah Myhill MD. Sarah's medical career has been interesting, because of squabbles by the British medical licensing authority over her interest in solutions to health care by focusing on the root cause of disease. Understanding her principle for controlling weight and improving health by following the groundhog takes the complexity and most of the expense out of healthcare. A friend reported that a family member has upped his supplements to Myhill's recommendations for diabetes and his blood sugar is back to normal along with his energy and stamina. Her latest book, "Ecological Medicine, The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Foods," details her knowledge from a lifetime of experience as a frontline medical doctor. [2] She has a very entertaining lecture at Silicon Valley Health Institute:
  3. Anxiety & Nervousness: It is somewhat disheartening to see a continuing string of comments on ADD or ADHD, when I think, well, have you ever tried niacin? According to Dr. Abram Hoffer, mental disorders such as minor anxiety up to schizophrenia can benefit from niacin. Hoffer spent decades spreading the word with little acceptance by the medical community. The book "Niacin, The Real Story" by Hoffer and Saul gives an easy study of the subject. [3] Hoffer died a few years back. However, Andrew Saul has a well-presented recent lecture that covers niacin, vitamin C and other subjects:
  4. Approaching age 60, I felt I was getting old and stiff. A few years later I read Carolyn Dean's "The Magnesium Miracle" [4] and started taking magnesium citrate per her recommendations. I now feel flexible enough that I recently took on an engine repair job for a small plane with no fear of pain in my arms, legs, or back. A few years back, my wife complained of leg pain, which disappeared after taking magnesium. Here is a video of Carolyn with a very active interviewer:
  5. "The Toxic Tooth" may be an unusual use of alliteration, but it is an excellent book. [5] This is authored by the same Dr. Thomas Levy as #1 above. It got me to eliminate the last of my amalgam fillings and, with that my hay fever as wellAdditionally, my molars became more solid in their sockets. Oral health is a major key to body health is the core message. Here is a lecture of his from a few years back on this subject:
  6. Dr. John Sarno MD started writing books in the 1980's explaining how he had come to realize that most back and shoulder pain is from stress and not physical damage that can be helped by an operation. He wrote several books over his lifetime on the subject. His oldest book is, "Mind Over Back Pain". [6] It is my favorite due to its short length. A unique dinner testimonial to the results of his techniques can be found here:
  7. Dawson Church PhD. This book encourages, "To heal the body, first heal the mind". The average person upon looking at his material will likely say, "too much woo for me", as I would have in my younger days. The title and tag line of a recent book is "Bliss Brain, The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy" is an accurate description of his subject matter expertise. [7] A stressed-out person is all too common in the modern overhyped everything world. Dawson does a great job of explaining this issue. Here is an older lecture of his at Silicon Valley Health Institute:
  8. David Brownstein MD, 15 books, all straightforward, all health subject specific and useful. [8] For example, my sister has found his book, "Salt Your Way to Health" very useful.

I skipped a lot of high-quality vitamin C material in trying to keep the above list small. [9-16] However, as a great indicator of the benefits of such material, let me state that in my experience, a "vitamin C convert" never needs to rely upon heavy use of prescription drugs. A vitamin C convert does not complain much about aches, pains, and physical limitations. And a vitamin C convert hardly ever needs a flock of medical doctors and a cabinet full of drugs.

If you chose to be a medical outcast and follow the recommendations given above, be prepared to watch a lot of unnecessary illness around you. Especially, when material from the above list is mentioned, be prepared for the subject to be switched. However, every now and then, someone will take an interest, pharmacy sales will slow, and a life will improve.

So, there you have it. You are what you eat. You are what you think. Hydrogen peroxide can help avoid many respiratory infections. Vitamin C helps immensely with oral and vision health. As this "diffusion of innovation", a common MBA expression, permeates the world, a lot of hospitals 50 years hence may very well look like that old automobile plant.

Finally, once you absorb the library above, maybe you can help me figure out how to get this library in parchment. Enjoy!

(Tom Taylor manages an engineering related business in Gainesville, Georgia. This paper is in celebration of his 68th birthday. The guys in this shop loosely follow these recommendations and rarely do we see a cold among them.)


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