Why this Oncologist Prescribes Massive Doses of Vitamin C 

Oncologist Endorses Nutrition Therapy



Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., a radiation oncologist in Puerto Rico, has been administering massive doses of vitamin C to his cancer patients. Here he speaks of his experiences:


"When Dr. Michael Gonzalez and Dr. Jorge Miranda-Massari invited me to come here, nobody told me I was going to speak. But I am happy to support what they are doing, for lots of reasons. First, there are very few are doing this kind of research. This is saving lives. We studied patients with advanced cancer (stage 4). 40 patients received 40,000-75,000 mg intravenously several times a week. These are patients that have not responded to other treatments. Phase 1 of the study is to assess safety and response. In addition, they received a diet and other supplements. The initial tumor response rate was achieved in 75% of patients, defined as a 50% reduction or more in tumor size. In the majority of the patients the tumors grew back when patients stopped the treatment. These interventions have to be continued for a prolonged time, sometimes forever. More studies are needed to have a better understanding on this.


"Our second collaboration is the use of vitamin C during radiation and chemotherapy.As a radiation oncologist, I also give radiation therapy. Vitamin C has two effects. It increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. But this is not a subtle effect, is not 15-20%, it’s a dramatic effect.Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it. That is what happened to me.


"The third comment I have is that I applaud co-authors Jorge and Michael because I know is not easy to change a paradigm. I have read “I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?” several times, and I am recommending it to all of my patients. It is the best guide I have found to gain knowledge in those areas that are not covered in medical school and continuing medical education. We are now seeing a new medicine that is basically giving the body what the body needs. We need to eliminate the causes of cancer. We now know the causes of cancer. It is not anything out of this world. When you look to the mountains you can see pollution. What is in the environment, at our table and even in our minds. And when we take out what should not be there (contaminants) and give back what should be there and is need to regenerate (nutrients), diseases will go away. This is a concept that applies not only to cancer; it will also help in most chronic conditions. I have seen it work with autism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and even premature aging.  However, beware of an important side effect: rejuvenation!


"I recommend “I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?" because is easy to understand and well referenced. Of course there is a lot of research still needed, but this book is a great contribution, not just for cancer but for many chronic conditions, even broken hearts (laughter). I guarantee that you put in practice these principles you will see improvement."



(Presented at the Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico, April 12, 2010)

According to peer-reviewed research, conventional chemotherapy contributes 2.3% to five year cancer survival in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.
(Morgan, Ward and Barton. Clinical Oncology, 2004. 16:549-560)


Click here to watch a video of coauthor Andrew Saul discussing vitamin C therapy for cancer on Youtube in an brief excerpt from the movie FOODMATTERS.


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I HAVE CANCER: WHAT SHOULD I DO? Your Orthomolecular Guide for Cancer Management .



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1) Presentan primera guía ortomolecular para el manejo del cáncer: https://www.wapa.tv/noticias/salud/la-medicina-ortomolecular_20100428195518.html 


2) Video de los comentarios del Dr. Victor Marcial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbOXgG998fI



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Andrew W. Saul


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