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Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease 


Medical scientists have spent the last few hundred years carefully describing diseases which are in reality the end results of civilized-diet malnutrition. Researchers have expended colossal amounts of time and money searching for drug cures for nutritional disorders.  And, they have dismissed out of hand even the possibility that pharmaceutical therapy for malnutrition might actually be the dead end it has so frequently been shown to be.

Parkinson's disease may be a case in point.

L-dopa (levodopa) is a commonly prescribed treatment for Parkinson's. The human body can make this substance without drug intervention. Vitamin C in very high doses greatly stimulates L-dopa production, as well as enabling your body to naturally and safely produce its end product, epinephrine.

If this seems too simple a solution for so dreaded a disease, you are left with a simple cost-benefit question: Since no one dies from vitamin C, why not try it?

Details of vitamin C dosage and administration, written by medical doctors, will be found at

Persons with Parkinson's may do well to embrace a very-low-protein diet.  A plant-based diet is the most direct way to accomplish this. A site search from the  home page for "vegetarian" might prove helpful.

I would like to recommend that you look at either Nutritional Influences on Illness, or The Textbook of Nutritional Medicine, both written by Melvyn Werbach, MD. The books are obtainable on the internet from the doctor's website.  Each contains an important section on Parkinsonism.

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