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WELCOME to an on-line library of the works of DR. LINUS PAULING, chemist, humanitarian, author, researcher, peace activist, and twice Nobel laureate. This archive was created with the editorial assistance of Michael Jolliffe.

(As this webpage is in progress, your suggestions for additional papers are welcome.)

Complete List of Dr. Pauling's books, journal publications and media articles that deal with nutrition and vitamins:



Vitamin C and evolution

Vitamin C and the common cold

Vitamin C and the common cold (2)

Vitamin C and the common cold (3)

Aspects of orthomolecular medicine

Techniques of orthomolecular diagnosis

Orthomolecular theory of the mind

Vitamin C and recommended daily allowances

Megavitamin therapy

Vitamin C and cancer

Vitamin C and cancer (2)

Vitamin C and cancer (3)

Vitamin C and cancer (4)

Vitamin C and cancer (5)

Vitamin C and Ehrlich ascites tumor cells (6)

Vitamin C and mammary tumors (7)

Vitamin C and spontaneous mammary tumors in mice (8)

Cancer data and the Hardin-Jones principle

Orthomolecular medicine and enhanced development

Management of incurable cancer

Diet and neurotransmitters

Mortality and health-conscious Californians

Vitamin C and dermal neoplasms

Vitamins C and E and skin cancer in mice

Pyrixodine and sensory neuropathy

Validity of clinical cancer trials

Lipoprotein(a) and ascorbate

Lipoprotein(a) and hypoascorbemic guinea pigs

Vitamin C and HIV suppression

The unified theory of cardiovascular disease


Vitamin C and cancer survival times

Notes on the handling of ascorbate by humans

Early thoughts on cancer and ascorbate trials

A theory of death

Linus Pauling's longevity formula


Early thoughts on aging and death

A first draft paper entitled 'orthomolecular methods in medicine'

A response to a review of 'Vitamin C and the Common Cold'

Transcript of a lecture on the 'rotten state of the FDA' in 1971

A first draft paper regarding vitamin C, glycosaminoglycans and cancer

A draft paper on statistical proof of the efficacy of vitamin C for the common cold

Draft articles entitled 'Some Aspects of Orthomolecular Medicine' 1 and 2

Thoughts on longevity

A draft article on vitamin C, cancer and survival times

Correspondence on vitamin C and swine flu

A draft article questioning the effectiveness of National Cancer Institute research

Correspondence on vitamin C and the immune system

New York Times correspondence regarding vitamin C and Mayo cancer studies

Thoughts on our future health

Memorandum on the causes of cancer

A speech transcript regarding the future of world peace and orthomolecular medicine

A media article on Linus Pauling's supplement program

Sloan-Kettering correspondence on vitamin C and cancer

Suggestions for trials of vitamin C for AIDS

Vitamin C and quackery

Pauling's "love affair" with vitamin C

Vitamin C: Linus Pauling proven right in 1993


Andrew Saul, PhD


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