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ROGER J. WILLIAMS, chemist, author, researcher, late founder and director of the Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas. This archive was created with the editorial assistance of Michael Jolliffe. Suggestions for additional papers are welcomed.

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Vitamin determination methods

Vitamins and yeast growth

Yeast quantity determination

Antineuritic vitamin preparation and yeast growth

Comments on pantothenic acid studies

Fractional electrical transport

Nutritional requirements of Trichophyton interdigitale

Pantothenic acid as a nutrilite

Pantothenic acid and the nodule

Pantothenic acid and respiratory activity

Pantothenic acid and chick tissues

Pantothenic acid and assay methods

Pantothenic acid and glucose utilisation

The discovery of avidin

An assay of avidin

Pyridoxine metabolite occurences

Lactobacillus casei growth stimulants

Microbiological determination of amino acids

Limitations on yeast vitamin synthesis

Individual metabolism and alcoholism

Vitamin B6 and Leuconostoc Mesenteroides

Rat alcohol consumption and glutamine

Metabolic abnormalities in 'normal men'

Nutritional responses in chicks

Control of egg cancer growth

Rat alcohol consumption and amino acids

Alcoholics and common blood characteristics

Mice and taurine administration

Disease resistance and mathematical problem patterns

Individuality in inbred animals

Animals and nutrient deficient diets

Alcoholism and inefficient glucose metabolism

Individuality in vitamin C needs

Ketosteroid excretion and breast cancer

Monozygous Quadruplet Armadillos and mammalian inheritance

Nutritive values of single foods

Food and trophic values

Prevention of cataracts in rats

Criteria for judging nutritional inadequacy


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