Coronavirus, SARS and Viral Respiratory Illness

Vitamin C and Coronavirus, SARS, and Respiratory Syndromes 



Coronavirus, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and Vitamin C

by Andrew W. Saul

"I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C."
(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)

It's yet another virus.

Maybe it's a particularly mean one, or maybe it's just a new strain of one of hundreds of flu or cold viruses, taking full advantage of a person with a low immune system. But it cannot be worse than, say, polio. Polio was successfully treated with high dose vitamin C way back in the late 1940s. (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with vitamin C. J South Med Surg 1949, 111:210-214.)

If vitamin C megadosing for viral diseases is new to you, please look at

and additional free-access, full-text papers by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

A "new" opportunistic virus is a big surprise to no one. History is full of them.

 About 10 million soldiers were killed in World War I, charging machine guns and getting mowed down month after month. There were nearly a million casualties at the Somme and another million at Verdun. A terrible slaughter went on for four years. Yet, in just the two years following the war, over 20 million people died from influenza. That is more than twice as many deaths from the flu in one-half the time it took the machine guns.

Preventing is obviously easier than treating severe illness. Immediate use of half-hourly 2,000 mg doses of Vitamin C, up to bowel tolerance, will usually stop a cold from escalating to influenza or influenza from escalating to pneumonia. But treat serious illness seriously: in the very young or the very old, influenza or pneumonia can kill. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Here is a second opinion. Dr. Cathcart advocates treating influenza with up to 150,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily, often intravenously. You and I can, to some extent, simulate a 24 hour IV of vitamin C by taking it by mouth very, very often. When I had pneumonia, it took 2,000 mg of vitamin C every six minutes, by the clock, to get me to saturation. My oral daily dose was over 100,000 mg. Fever, cough and other symptoms were reduced in hours; complete recovery took just a few days. That is performance at least as good as any pharmaceutical will give, and the vitamin is both safer and cheaper.

Remember: treating respiratory infections with massive amounts of vitamin C is not a new idea at all. Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. and William J. McCormick, M.D. used this approach successfully for decades beginning back in the 1940's. You will want to consult their works, which you can quickly find with a site search from the top of the main page at . All who think that, though vitamin C generally has merit, that massive doses are ineffective or somehow harmful will do well to read the original papers for themselves. Clinical evidence confirms the powerful antiviral-antibiotic effect of vitamin C when used in sufficient quantity.

Speaking as a parent, I can confirm that vitamin C works as well as antibiotics or antivirals since our children have never needed either, not even once. That is not because we did nothing; we used vitamin C instead.

Vitamin C can be used alone or right along with medicines if one so chooses. Prescription drugs are not doing the job. 75,000 Americans die from pneumonia and influenza each year. That is over 200 deaths every single day.

Aggressive, widespread use of vitamin C would dramatically lower that figure. There is no excuse for excluding it.

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Andrew W. Saul


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