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Yes, this is the article that is sure to make me a millionaire and get me my own talk show. If you want to be able to rut like a rabbit, to mate like a marmoset, read on.


First, to put this discussion on a proper, high scientific plane:


“High-dose ascorbic acid increases intercourse frequency and improves mood: a randomized controlled clinical trial.” (Brody, S.: Biol Psychiatry 2002 Aug 15; 52(4):371-4)


A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 14 day trial of 3000 mg per day of vitamin C reported greater frequency of sexual intercourse. The vitamin C group (but not the placebo group) also experienced a decrease in Beck Depression scores. This is probably due to the fact that vitamin C “modulates catecholaminergic activity, decreases stress reactivity, approach anxiety and prolactin release, improves vascular function, and increases oxytocin release.  These processes are relevant to sexual behavior and mood.”


Additionally, the amino acid arginine has its own special benefits in improving blood flow, benefiting persons with angina (J Am Col Cardiol 39:7, p 1199-1203, 2002) and even perhaps those with erectile dysfunction (Int J Impot Res 6: p 33-36, 1994).


Just wait until Howard Stern hears about this.


While giving a talk on vitamins at a local college, I mentioned British Captain James Cook, who was unusually dedicated in employing nutrition to wipe out scurvy on his ships. I mentioned that, on a long voyage, Captain Cook did experiments with his seamen. Boy, did that break the ice.


In the Rig Veda, one of the oldest religious writings on earth, one of the cosmic beings mentions that she and her lover had sex three times a day throughout their entire relationship. Aside from a honeymoon or a wild weekend, whose love life can possibly compare with that?


The answer is, maybe yours. Now some old saying states that if you put a penny in a jar each time you make love during the first year of a long relationship, such as marriage, and if you take a penny out each time you make love after the first year, that you will never empty the jar. 


How depressing.


Of course, it does not have to be that way. A satisfying and frequent sex life can extend throughout middle age and old age, too. In the remote villages of the Hunza (north of India), men have been documented to father children at 90-plus. No one readily believes this, in a culture where you are assured that a man's virility peaks at 19, and a woman’s somewhat later. But the truth is, that peak-at-19 stuff is a myth. Nope; not even close.


What do men and women do to keep doing? Here is an assortment of racy, R-rated advice that I have collected over the decades.


1.  Make sex a priority, and find the time. Turn the TV off and turn each other on.


2.  Exercise moderately, not excessively or never.


3.  Have sex during the day whenever you possibly can. Your are less tired then. And, when it is bedtime, you'll be a candidate for a second time.


4.  Try setting your alarm half an hour earlier in the morning. Get up earlier and you'll get more. After a night’s sleep, we are all more relaxed. This can translate into improved sexual responsiveness. Many men wake with an erection. And while it may merely be nature's way of clearing out the blood vessels in the penis, or prodding you to go to the bathroom, it is also nature's way of giving you an opportunity.


5.  If you can't quite manage it first thing when you wake, during the day, or right as you go to bed, wait a while and you’ll have the fun of trying again. In the morning, you may just not have your sex mind awake. During the day, you may separated by work schedules or location. At night, you may be too tense. So wait a bit; if you fall asleep, there's the next morning again.


6.  If you are always too tired, make a point to get more sleep. There are numerous other health- and relationship-building advantages to this.


7.  If you have kids, arrange to have them out of the house, or agree on a family quiet time. More couples with kids would be happier in bed if they got it straight that what unifies a couple also benefits the kids. Children cheerfully understand mutual parental affection at an early age. Without being graphic in the slightest, a Mommy and Daddy can reserve personal time right in the middle of the day. TV works as a nice distraction for the children. If you really want to, you'll think of others that are appropriate for your personal situation.


Up until now, the advice proffered is not impossibly far from what a sex therapist, women's magazine or supermarket tabloid would tell you. Grimaces or smiles may accompany what I just wrote, but rage from dietitians is guaranteed by what follows.


8. If you want to conceive, or just play as if you might, try having the man take megadoses of vitamin C for a few weeks prior. At least 6,000 milligrams a day, and as much as 20,000 mg/day guarantees very high sperm production. Divide the dose throughout the day for maximum effect. And that effect is what, exactly? More sperm, stronger sperm, and better swimming sperm all occurred, at even lower daily C doses, in a University of Texas study. Take more C and you'll make vast quantities of super sperm. You think this won't work? Have I shown you my baby pictures?


9.  Listen to this, guys: Zinc and plenty of it nourishes the prostate and increases seminal fluid production. There is a scientific literature a mile long about zinc and male fertility. About five to ten times the RDA will do it. That is approximately 50 to 100 mg of zinc daily. For best absorption and best results, divide the dose into two, or better yet, four doses. Zinc gluconate is well absorbed, and zinc monomethionine better still. These are available at any health food store without a prescription.


A lot of wussy nutritionists will tell you that such levels of zinc are harmful. Let them prove it with research. Truth is, most men don't even get the puny RDA of zinc, set laughingly at 10 or 12 milligrams. Zinc lozenges for the common cold are many times higher than this. Up to 550 mg of zinc has been safely given daily for a few weeks.


Continued very high doses of zinc can produce a copper deficiency, and sometimes a copper deficiency anemia. This is very easy to compensate for. To begin with, most Americans have copper water pipes in their homes. Drink a glass or two of cold water first out of the tap every morning and you'll get copper. Secondly, eat more raisins and other copper-high foods. Third, take a multiple vitamin (as you should be doing anyway) with copper in it. Finally, do what those lovers in India have been doing for thousands of years. Buy a copper metal cup, fill it with cold water at bedtime, and drink it first thing the next morning. Make this Ayurvedic routine your routine.


Note: I deliberately avoid vitamin company/health product affiliations, because it would take my credibility to zero. By not selling what I might recommend, I may be losing out on some ready cash, but I am gaining hundreds of thousands of readers who appreciate the facts without the hype.

10.  Assuming a monogamous relationship, find a birth control method that is easy, 24 hour, and doesn't excessively interfere with the lifestyle or feeling for either the woman or the man. If you are not in a monogamous relationship, use every safe sex precaution you can. If you need encouragement to evolve towards monogamy, consider that married persons do in fact make love more times a month than unmarried persons do. I also wish to interject a moral thought and quote the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale: “The reason sex is so bad outside of marriage is because it is so good inside of marriage.”


13.  Find a sex- or marriage-counselor who will tell you that each of you needs a lot of sex, that you should see that each partner is completely satisfied every day.


14.  Use mouthwash.  Get a tan.  Do a few crunches (sit-ups).  Bathe or shower.  Trim your hair.  Bring flowers.  Keep the bathroom door closed when you use it.  Meditate.  Eat right and take your vitamins daily.  Wear flattering underwear.  But most of all, put on a smile: it is the best makeup on Earth. 


15.  Attitude follows behavior, a very wise counselor told me. (Yes, same person as in number 13.) Make love a lot, and you'll want to make love even more. Afraid of this? You poor dear!


16.  If you are arguing, table it instantly by necking. Just go for it. You'll thank me in the morning.


So all these yummy ideas, or even one of them for that matter, may be enough to whoop you up. To quote an old and unrelated commercial: Try 'em. You'll like 'em.


Then start knitting booties.


I have worked with supposedly "infertile" people who have tried "everything" to conceive a child. Clinical application of nutrition, especially zinc and vitamin C, is not even mentioned in any fertility textbook I've ever seen. I've received some nice postcards from couples who have taken an odd idea or two of mine and gotten pregnant within a month or two. It is a wonderful feeling, by the way, to have helped them bring a soul to the Earth.


The flipside of this is that 1) BAD NUTRITION IS NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL and 2) If you are having sex, remember that you are designed to get pregnant. Be very sure to use appropriate and effective forms of contraception. Sex is more fun (and likely more frequent) if you are confident about the outcome.



References and recommended reading:


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