A Comparison of Different Forms of Nutritional Supplementation

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If you came to this page looking for brand comparisons or brand recommendations, you will be disappointed. I never make brand recommendations, period. And as for comparisons, they are easily made by reading labels carefully.





Tablets or Capsules

Easy to carry; Easy to use; Excellent shelf life 

"Pills" to take; Tableting ingredients sometimes bother stomachs

Take higher potency tablets; Divide doses; Take with a meal or buffer with calcium; read this 


Great for kids 

Relatively expensive; Unbuffered forms are tough on tooth enamel

Try powder instead, in tasty juice;
Rinse mouth with water
Hints for kids.


Pure: no fillers;  
Easiest oral-dose way to body saturation 

Taste must be hidden in juice; 
Awkward to take in public 

Use powder at home; Travel with tablets 


Convenient for babies 

Potency quickly diminishes after opening 

Add fresh vitamin powder daily to fortify the mixture

Injection or I.V. 

Best possible absorption; 
Ideal for very sick or hospitalized patients 

Just try to find an M.D. who will give them!

Read this.


Excellent absorption; good alternative to B-12 injections

Looks pretty strange;
May irritate sensitive membranes

Limit use to B-12.
And read this.

Topical (Paste or Patch)

No pills to swallow; no needles; gets high concentration right where you want it.

May be visible to others; May irritate sensitive membranes.

Vitamin E: soothing and excellent for skin; B-12: good but pricey alternative to injections; Vitamin C: if it stings, use a buffered form such as calcium ascorbate. Never use ascorbic acid inside the mouth.

Healthly Foods

Food vitamins are natural; Cost efficient since you have to eat anyway

Low potency; Many good foods are unpopular

Juice your vegetables; garden; sprout beans and grains; read this.

"Fortified" Processed Foods

Better than NOT fortifying a processed food.

Too little fiber, trace nutrients; Loaded with sugar and fat.

Do not buy any food with artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

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