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Books: R J Williams


Reprinted with permission of Donald R. Davis, Ph.D., retired from the University of Texas Biochemical Institute, Austin, TX. More information on Dr. Roger Williams at


Bibliography of Books by biochemist
Roger J. Williams, Ph.D., the discoverer of the vitamin Pantothenic Acid


For a listing of Dr. Williams’ papers and articles: 

Also of interest:

Nutrition books recommended to start with are listed in boldface type.

An Introduction to Organic Chemistry 1927; 2nd ed. 1931, 3rd ed. 1935, 4th ed. 1941, 5th ed. (with L.F. Hatch) 1948, D. Van Nostrand 

A Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry (with R.Q. Brewster) 1928; 2nd ed. 1934, 3rd ed. 1939, 4th ed. 1948, D. Van Nostrand 

An Introduction to Biochemistry 1931; 2nd ed. (with E. Beerstecher) 1948, D. Van Nostrand 

A Textbook of Biochemistry 1938; 2nd ed. 1942, D. Van Nostrand 

What To Do About Vitamins 1945, Univ. of Oklahoma Press 

The Human Frontier 1946, Harcourt Brace 

Biochemistry of the B Vitamins (with R.E. Eakin, E. Beerstecher and W. Shive)
1950, Reinhold 

Nutrition and Alcoholism 1951, Univ. of Oklahoma Press 

Free and Unequal 1953, Univ. of Texas Press; 1964 (softcover), John Wiley & Sons
1979 (hardcover and softcover), Liberty Press 

Biochemical Individuality 1956, 1963 (softcover), John Wiley & Sons 1969 (softcover), Univ. of Texas Press (7th printing, 1979) 1998 (softcover), Keats Publishing, with new Introduction by Jeffrey Bland, new Afterword by Donald R. Davis, 1988 In Memoriam by Donald R. Davis, and expanded Index. Translated into Russian 1960, Italian 1964, and Polish 1969

Alcoholism: The Nutritional Approach 1959 (hardcover and softcover), Univ. of Texas Press 

Nutrition in A Nutshell 1962, Doubleday; 1962 (pocketbook), Dolphin Books 

You Are Extraordinary 1967, Random House; 1971 (pocketbook), Pyramid Books 

Nutrition Against Disease: Environmental Prevention 1971, Pitman; 1973 (pocketbook), Bantam Books 1998, Keats Publishing reprint with new Introduction expected. 

Physicians' Handbook of Nutritional Science 1975, (hardcover) Charles C. Thomas 

The Wonderful World Within You 1977 (pocketbook), Bantam Books 1987 (hardcover and softcover), Bio-Communications Press 1998 (softcover) Bio-Communications Press, Wichita, Kansas. Updated edition with new nutrient diagrams, new Introduction by Donald R. Davis. Translated into Japanese 1985 

The Prevention of Alcoholism Through Nutrition 1982 (pocketbook), Bantam Books

The Advancement of Nutrition 1982 (softcover), Int. Acad. of Nutr. and Prev. Med. 

Rethinking Education: The Coming Age of Enlightenment
1986, Philosophical Library 

Exploring Your Individuality: A Vital Step to Human Understanding (with D.R. Davis)
1988, unpublished 

Edited Works:
The Encyclopedia of Biochemistry (with E.M. Lansford, Jr.) 1967, Reinhold 

A Physician's Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine (with D.K. Kalita)
1977, (hardcover) Pergamon 1979, (softcover) Keats Publishing. 

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