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"Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found." (Bertrand Russell)

Over the 40 years that I was a natural therapeutics consultant, I learned that desperate people are more likely to look into and try alternatives. That makes perferct sense. Just because your doctor's black bag is empty does not mean that's all there is. By definition, medical doctors practice medicine. They went to medical school, learned medicine, have a degree in medicine, and prescribe medicines. That is helpful, but it is also necessarily incomplete.

As you search out your options, you need to be cautious. I like the old saying that if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. I have some guidance to offer at

Here are some of the most troubling diagnoses that I have found to no longer need be considered incurable:

Alzheimer's Disease is a growing problem that will not go away with time or with drug therapy. But there is evidence, ignored by the media, that high doses of vitamins B12 and niacinamide can actually reverse it in animals. I say, it's time to ask yourself just one question: should my elderly family member be denied treatment that an animal would be granted? Vitamin B-3 (niacin or niacinamide) halts and reverses Alzheimer's disease. The human dose equivalent of 2,000 to 3,000 mg/day of niacinamide was given to mice with Alzheimer's. One of the researchers reported, "Cognitively, they were cured. They performed as if they'd never developed the disease." Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, you can (and they did) use "no-flush" niacinamide. Furthermore, B-12 deficiency may be mistaken for, or even cause, Alzheimer’s disease.The symptoms of either are virtually identical. B-12 deficiency is easy to come by in the elderly, and is rarely addressed by caregivers. There's more about nutrition therapy for Alzheimer's at

Nutrition therapy for Multiple Sclerosis has been clinically proven - and ignored - for over 60 years. There is no need to spend a dime to access Dr. Frederick Klenner's high-dose vitamin protocol for MS, as I have just updated my article on MS with free access links at Can you believe Wikipedia deleted this doctor's biography? "The importance of thiamin [vitamin B-1] in treating Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis cannot be over-emphasized." So said Frederick R. Klenner, MD, in his nutritional protocol for treating these two diseases. Scroll down at Dr. Klenner used many vitamins, not just thiamin. His doses were enormous. I have personally seen a wheelchair-bound MS patient able to get up and move around with a walker after only a few weeks of megavitamin therapy. And, I have known altogether too many MS/MG patients suffering unnecessarily due to someone's "megavitamin hesitancy."

For decades, Parkinson's Disease has been treated with pretty much everything except vitamins. That must stop and can stop today. Here is a detailed, new review that is vital reading for everyone with a PD family member. Free pdf download available at Print it out, hand it to your doctor, and ask for a therapeutic trial of high-dose vitamins. I smile a lot because I know how much relief - even joy - this will bring to families that follow through on it. Parkinson's disease may be ameliorated with the help of coenzyme Q10. L-dopa medication doses may be reduced by adjunctive use of supplemental vitamin C. Side effects of l-dopa are reduced with niacin. Most physicians are unaware of the research supporting these statements. Read more at

Depression: Asking your doctor for a nutritional solution for depression is a lot like trying to order Chow Mein at a French restaurant. It is simply not on the menu. But drugs are always on the medical menu. Medication side effects may be as bad as the depression itself. Fortunately, there are alternatives. I learned many of these from orthomolecular psychiatrists Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, and Bo Jonsson, MD, PhD. Here is a case report of a seriously depressed woman who got spectacular improvement with niacin therapy. You may remember this case from the FOODMATTERS documentary movie.

Alcoholic Depression: Bill W. recommended megadoses of niacin for alcoholics. Yes, that is THE Bill W, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. He personally took several thousand milligrams of niacin or niacinamide every day. The vitamin ended his longstanding depression. Bill wrote three papers explaining the many benefits of niacin for alcoholics. He circulated them to AA physicians. Here's the first The second is And the third: Be sure to look at all three. It's odd that Bill's "Twelve Steps" are acknowledged everywhere, and yet what should have been AA's thirteenth step has been ignored. Dr. Abram Hoffer and I wrote THE VITAMIN CURE FOR ALCOHOLISM. Dr. Hoffer was Bill W's personal physician. I learned directly from the man who was there.

Herpes and Shingles: Take a look at this paper from 1936. Scroll down at Note the frequent, but not exclusive, use of injectable vitamin C. (That would be buffered ascorbic acid then, or today, sodium ascorbate. Your doctor can obtain either, easily.) A centigram is 10 milligrams. I personally think the doses used in this report are very low. And yet they worked. See also: Zureick M. [Therapy of herpes and herpes zoster with intravenous vitamin C.] J Prat Rev Gen Clin Ther. 1950 Nov 30;64(48):586.

Opiate Addiction: When vitamin C "is administered at 25,000 to 85,000 mg per day or more, along with high doses of multivitamins . . . the heroin or methadone is stopped and no withdrawal symptoms are encountered." The research source is free access at It was published 42 years ago, and ignored. We do not have an "opioid crisis." We have a disinformation crisis.

Cancer: If the dose is high enough, vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells. Cancer cells are killed by vitamin C precisely because cancer cells are different. Inside a cancer cell, vitamin C, normally an antioxidant in healthy cells, actually acts as a pro-oxidant and kills the cancer cell. Give enough C and you can kill malignant cells almost anywhere they may try to spread or try to hide. Free download of the Riordan vitamin C protocol may be found at

This is important: Vitamin C does not "interfere" with chemo. Innocent patients are suffering needlessly, and that really ticks me off. One of the original urban legends about chemo interference was hatched by Sloan-Kettering back in 2008. Here's the real story.

Not only does vitamin C not interfere with chemo, the vitamin itself IS chemotherapy against cancer. Vitamin C given intravenously is selectively toxic to cancer cells. And while various oral forms are very helpful adjuncts, when fighting cancer, it has to be intravenous C to get the job done right. For this we may thank Hugh D. Riordan, MD, one of my great mentors.

Plus, vitamin C makes conventional cancer treatments more effective, while simultaneously reducing their side effects.

Intravenous vitamin C helps all those fighting cancer. Patients and oncologists may benefit from this full but compact presentation of intravenous vitamin C therapy. There are a large number of links and references included.

For a very detailed explanation of how vitamin C fights cancer, here you go: Ron Hunninghake, MD, is the presenter. The second half is more directly about intravenous vitamin C. Dr. Ron is medical director of the Riordan Clinic. He has decades of experience and has supervised tens of thousands of IV vitamin C treatments. As your own life progresses, observe how many critics of vitamin C are so certain of their beliefs that they will never view this video.

Myths abound concerning vitamin C's role in fighting cancer. First of all, vitamin C does NOT "interfere" with conventional cancer treatments. Second, vitamin C is inexpensive ascorbic acid (for oral doses) or sodium ascorbate (for intravenous use). You do not need costly designer supplements. Third, physicians around the world have been successfully using vitamin C against cancer since the 1970s. Those telling you otherwise are misinformed.

Pancreatic cancer is very difficult to stop. Here is a free download for a paper showing clinical success with very high-dose IV vitamin C against stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The senior author, Jeanne A. Drisko, MD, is a diagnostic radiology specialist and professor at the University of Kansas, Division of Integrative Medicine.

Ovarian cancer was successfully treated in two patients with very high dose vitamin C therapy. A summary of the work is at Since ovarian cancer is particularly dangerous, this finding needs to be shared far and wide. The study was done in 2003 and still a whole lot of people have not heard about it. Once again, it's the research of Jeanne Drisko, MD, and colleagues.

Do not accept stories that "the hospital can't" or "the doctor can't" or that "the state won't allow it." If you hear any of this malarkey, demand to see, in writing, the official policy or the law that says so. Here is how to take the reins and get vitamin C in the veins:

Radiation oncologist Victor Marcial-Vega, MD, always administers high dose vitamin C therapy to his cancer patients. He says, "Vitamin C has two effects. It increases the beneficial effects of radiation and chemotherapy and decreases the adverse effects. Once you start using IV vitamin C, the effect is so dramatic that it is difficult to go back to not using it."

Yes, cancer patients should take antioxidants and other nutritional supplements while undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Vitamin C and other nutrients reduce side effects, and actually improve the results with both chemo and radiation.

The success of intravenous vitamin C for cancer patients is a repeatedly-demonstrated clinical reality. I am going to present this again: Here is the full, detailed Riordan IVC protocol, a free download for everyone. Do not let loved ones suffer unnecessarily from one-sided care directed exclusively by physicians educated in pharmaceutical-funded medical schools. Bring your oncologist up to speed. No more leeches; no more calomel. No more procrastination about utilizing nutritional therapy. Enough is enough! Drop this protocol on your doctor's desk and demand an IV of vitamin C now. If the doctor refuses, go over their head or fire that doctor.

While most people need a jump-start, a strongly motivated person will do all they can to improve their health without you, me, or any doctor telling them to. The very sick person may work harder to heal than almost anyone, and desperate people are often the most motivated of all. Such people need plenty of practical information, but almost no persuasion. From what I've seen, it is ones own family members that may need a boost the most, and accept it the least. Our duty is have something worthwhile to offer, and pass it along.

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